The SCA charges a fee for taking the SCA examination and awarding the certificates for each module. Education within each CSP module progresses from the Foundation Level to the Intermediate Level, and then to the Professional Level. Students who are qualified at the Intermediate and Professional level may wish to pursue a teaching profession and apply to attend the AST Train the Trainer Course.
This 1 day course is designed to introduce core brewing skills and equipment to people with no previous brewing experience. Successful candidates should be able to grind and brew to the correct recipe to produce great coffee. (5pts)
This 2 days course is designed to introduce the concept of scientifically measuring coffee extraction and to explore the elements of coffee brewing, brewing intermediate helps the coffee professional manipulate brew techniques to improve coffee quality.(10pts)
This 3 days course tests the ability of the professional brewer to navigate the Brewing Control Chart. This course is intended to extend the practical and sensory brewing capabilities of the professional brewer.(25pts)
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