We work with you
on your project.


Consulting Services


We provide coffee shop consulting services for new or existing business. Using our extensive experience in the coffee industry, we will show you how to avoid the traps and pitfalls and help you to run a successful coffee business in the long term.


Concept and Menu Development


Your coffee business concept should reflect your culture, vision and mission. It sets the foundation of your company while being determinant for its future. We help you to develop a unique and cohesive concept based on your business's values, location and neighbourhood. We collaborate with you to improve or design a menu that reflect your brand identity and satisfy your customers’ needs.


Equipment and Bar Set Up


Through extensive years working with various equipment and bar set-up, we understand the impact it has on your business’ success and growth. From espresso machines to water filtration systems, we help you to choose the right equipment that will fit your business requirements and budget. We will work on creating the most functional bar set-up and coffee shop layout to maximise your customer experience.


Human resources and Management


Employees should be passionate, committed and reflect the company’s culture. For this important step, we accompany you in finding and hiring the right people. We will establish an operation system that will help you to manage your coffee shop on a day-to-day basis.

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Onsite Barista Training


As the coffee market has significantly grown, customers have become more educated. Investing in staff training and development will help your coffee business to succeed. We created a training program that covers espresso science, milk technique, latte art, troubleshooting, equipment maintenance and customer service.